The Spice Gourmet

Welcome to The Spice Gourmet

The Spice Gourmet is a Restaurant with a special concept in food and modern living representing the cuisines of Asia and Europe. Our emphasis is on Vegetarian, Seafood and Chicken Dishes, using fresh, homemade ingredients.

Our Culinary Globetrotting Courses are very popular with those who enjoy our food, and would like to try and cook these dishes at home for family and friends.


We would like to inform you that the Restaurant "The Spice Gourmet", formerly located at Seestrasse 43 in Zurich, Switzerland (Phone +41 44 201 05 66) no longer exists at this location. We are currently looking for a new location in Zurich, and are also planning to go global. We shall keep you posted of any further updates.

In the meantime, please note that a new renter has taken the premises. His business is not associated in any way with "The Spice Gourmet" and our concept.

Thanks and best regards,

Meera Drelich
The Spice Gourmet
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